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Monday, January 19, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4131 - 4134

 4131. They reorganize all of their materials on shelves, and then look through catalogs and underline all the things they need to buy. They sweep up. They sit for hours and look at all the photographs of all the things that document their past experiences, and sort all those photographs, documents, announcements, and notices into  piles chronologically.

 4132. As they sort those announcements chronologically, they often stop and look up at the ceiling and images come into their heads of what it was like several years ago, when they did such and such a work for so and so, and after that they recall that some remarkable thing happened to them later, in that very same evening. 

 4133. They make lists of numerous ideas they might want to pursue, but all the numbered entries are in the form of unfinished sentences. They stand by the window and look out into the street and watch the traffic moving. 

4134. They begin to rework some old piece long forgotten and placed in storage. It was a work never completed that nevertheless has some promise. They begin to edit, correct, and rearrange it and end up destroying it completely.

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