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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4115 - 4118

 4115. “So,” concluded the Rooster, as he explained his ideas to Otis, “I think you can clearly understand that we have to give up for all time any desire to please people with our art, and confine ourselves to our appropriate audience, that being birds, animals, and also nature in general, including inanimate objects.”

 4116. Otis could not help but agree with the Rooster, even though what he was saying was troublesome for him. It is easy to see where they were bound to differ. Just consider what a rooster’s encounter with people usually looks like, and compare that with a dog’s life, if one considers Otis to be just another dog. 

 4117. Both Otis and the Rooster had performed many times with a troupe of people, and most recently they had worked together for the Fowler, presenting a form of entertainment to spectators in the dog fighting rings.

4118. But as soon as Otis disappeared, the Rooster went on the menu for dinner, and so it is no wonder that he was anxious to concentrate on creating works for a more appreciative audience. Otis did not have negative experiences to overcome, on the contrary, he was simply in a quandary as to how to effectively translate his concepts into a form people would be able to understand and appreciate.

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