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Friday, January 16, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4119 - 4122

 4119. The Rooster knew that Otis would never solve his problem, and even if he did, a bird’s role in things would always be precarious, so he sympathized with his friend. Otis wanted to know what the point was if they did a presentation for some rocks covered with moss. Sarcastically he said, “When we conclude our act, with the rocks applaud us, will they give us a favorable review?”

 4120. “Can we take the silence of the rocks and moss for approval, and will our humor be foiled and our sense of timing thrown off, without the echo of laughter our antics always produce?”

 4121. The Rooster had no ready answer for Otis’ questions, but he knew that the wolf had no choice in the long run but to agree, and so they went on their way, with no plan, no destination, and no works in mind to perform. 

4122. In the evening, after dinner Otis and the Rooster settled down to consider what their first performance was going to consist of. They began by discarding every skit they had ever performed. At first they tried to consider how they might adapt their former repertory for their new audience, but that idea came to a dead end.

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