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Friday, January 30, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4175 - 4178

 4175. This was the source of the earlier argument between the various birds as to who was going to root for the O side. All the birds wanted to be for Otis, and there was hardly a one that wanted the Rooster to win. 

 4176. This was obvious from the beginning when the birds had addressed their request to Otis and had ignored the Rooster as if he didn’t even exist.  

 4177. All of this I am sure hurt the Rooster’s feelings, especially because he himself was a bird, and so he felt he should be accorded some respect, and not be treated as simply some kind of hanger-on, and just a sidekick to Otis because of his fame.

4178. But if it hurt the Rooster’s feelings he did not show it, even when he overheard comments about his inability to fly.

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