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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4095 - 4098

 4095. A modern educated person will start objecting to the word God, in the above sentence, and force me to make explanations that acknowledge that every person’s idea of that word is different, and every culture produces myriad concepts to explain the word.

 4096. You may go further and trot out the well-worn idea that God is just a creation of mankind, and exists only as a sort of communal solipsism. You may even assert that God is only the creation of a single person’s daydream. Nevertheless, even an atheist will dream a dream of God, and inadvertently adjust their actions accordingly, all the while heaping scorn on the notion.

 4097. But the Rooster let that idea pass, and went on to conclude his explanation of Otis’ dream with some further comments about the Blacksmith’s boy. 

4098. He said that even though he was convinced that the play Otis wanted to perform in the dream was a play ultimately destined for all time, and the entire universe and everything in it, still the play had another audience, an audience of one single person.

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