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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Otis Escapes, parts 4155 - 4158

  4155. And even if I had found it, who’s to say that some sparrow might not come along years from now and completely debunk that story, which sparrows and finches just love to do in order to make a name for themselves in academic circles.

 4156. And a fine fix that would put your interpretation in, stripped of the very reason for its existence, just a measly tic-tac-toe game scratched there in the dirt and of no consequence to anyone!

 4157. At this point the Crow became annoyed with the Pigeon and said sarcastically, “Perhaps the thing should have an alternative meaning, just like a spare tire in case of a blow out. The spare meaning could be that the tic-tac-toe game symbolizes five kisses, and four hugs. I doubt if any scholar either now or in the future could ever debunk that idea.” 

4158. Although Pigeons are very erudite and are greatly respected for their intellect, still they lack the ability to detect sarcasm when it is directed at them.

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