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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Duck Theology, parts 1046 - 1049

1046. "Yes, my point exactly," said Buboni jumping in, "Like so many story tellers, Aunt Jemima is mining the old classics for details and situations, and updating them for current consumption. She has set it up very nicely. Take that third sister for example, is she not Penelope, but with this odd twist: it is she that has gone away, and in a distant land is being pursued by suitors, we know this because Jemima has already told us that the third sister is engaged to be married."

1047. We can guess how this story of Coromo will evolve, he will succeed in his accumulation of money, or perhaps use his new credit card to purchase a plane ticket to go in pursuit of her. That journey he will take will be beset with difficulty, perhaps he will get lost in New York City, or run out of money, or his plane will crash into the ocean and he will be the only survivor, guided to landfall by  dolphins.

1048. Meanwhile, first Tallulah, and then Rose VanDusenberg play the role of Athena, the wise Goddess, who takes various forms and give him good advice, and then they turn into doves or eagles and fly away to Olympus, or in this case, probably Paris, France.

1049. "What is the Odyssey?" asked Aunt Jemima. "And if I ever get back to my home village, how will I explain to Coromo that he is just a figment of my imagination, put there by the story line in a book I have never heard of."

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