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Monday, January 21, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1126 - 1129

1126. He was backed into a corner by his situation and he could not even go out of the house. He was ashamed to speak about his problem to anyone suspecting that such a fear would be greeted with either disbelief or even ridicule. Irrational fears are sometimes the most difficult to overcome. There comes a time in every child's life when imagined fears must be faced. They are faced alone; an entirely private accomplishment.

1127. You see some kid marching down the street and you think, 'He must be on his way to school or to the store for his mom to pick up some bread and milk.' But in that boy's mind a momentous morning has arrived, he has decided finally to walk across the small bridge behind the abandoned market, the one with the strut missing.

1128. Instead he has been taking a path down an embankment, over a culvert, through some swamp land and across the railroad tracks. All of this much more dangerous than just walking across the bridge like everyone else.

1129. People cross that little bridge every day but he has been going out of his way to avoid it now for a year. Others can use it but for him it represents the 'end of the world', 'death of loved ones,' or something worse and hard to imagine that flits through his dreams when he is half awake at night. Now the day has come, he will be intimidated by himself no longer. He will walk across the bridge.

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