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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1138 - 1141

1138. We are used to this story line form trashy movies and romance novels, but here we have a story about a boy and a dog, and it has the same features, because the Boy, and the dog, can never belong to each other, fate has thrown them together, but they have secrets from each other. Otis never can let it be known that he is a wolf, and the Boy can never be the dog's master. It appears to be a tragedy! The only question is, how will the tragedy play out.

1139. To begin with Otis began to accompany the Boy on his daily rounds, delivering and picking up odd jobs for his father the blacksmith. This work took him out in the country along all the local roads from farm to farm, family to peasant family. It was a great relief for the Boy to have such a formidable companion on these trips. He was out in the country all alone during disordered times with only a sack of padlocks and horseshoes to defend himself with.

1140. Otis understood the Boys anxiety, but because he had to act the part of a dog he made certain incorrect assumptions about the situation. Otis, for example would never under any circumstances have traveled from place to place straight down the middle of a highway, such a practice struck him as simpleminded to say the least.

1141. If a wolf was forced to use a public way he would never enter on it until he was certain there were no other living beings in smelling distance. Once on the road, why on earth walk down the  side near the open fields instead of along by the edge of the woods where one could disappear in amongst the underbrush  in an instant if necessary.

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