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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1078 - 1081

1078. One does not draw conclusions from single examples such as you seem to represent, even though I admit such conclusions are a common logical fallacy. Take van Gogh for example, he died, and then he became famous, and so now everyone thinks artists who die subsequently become famous, and yet he is practically the only example of it having happened.

1079. Just ask someone who thinks artists become famous after they die to name another example as well as van Gogh, and they will draw a blank, and they will think of no composers or authors either to illustrate their idea, yet they cling to it as an obvious truth.

 1080. An obvious truth supported by only one example, and you Mr. Duck, are our van Gogh, the one example of an animal that can talk, reason, and carry on an intelligent conversation, but I refuse to extend the compliment to the rest of the animal kingdom.

1081. "Well," said The Duck, "you do realize that bad architecture can have a deleterious effect on the psyche of a people. I have been in America you know, and their cities are turning gradually into one vast Arch of Constantine. Everywhere, cropping up, are cinder block one story structures surrounded by parking lots to provide fast food and the like, every one of them is an icon to the decline of their culture.

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