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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1074 - 1077

1074. Buboni, who had been listening to the Duck's lecture with his usual combination of cynicism and humor began to take a special interest when The Duck brought up the subject of the Arch Of Constantine. "Oh yes, that famous Arch," he said, "every student who takes Introduction To Art 101 must study that wonderful arch, I say wonderful because all by itself it encapsulates three hundred years of cultural decline in one iconic object."

1075. The Arch Of Constantine! I have often written about it because it fits so well into aspects of my Theory Of Destructivism. One thing seldom mentioned is that it was built to commemorate Constantine's victory over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge, a victory of Roman over Roman. To build a triumphal arch for a victory over Romans would have been unheard of in  nobler times.

1076. Then again the arch is a perfect example of actual 'Destructivism', in that greater monuments had to be destroyed in order to build it. And last of all, the arch now symbolizes the decline of Roman culture rather that any of Constantine's victories. But yet, Mr. Duck, I find it hard to believe that wolves, no matter how sensitive you claim they are, would migrate to avoid bad architecture being built in their territory.

1077. I do realize that you, being a Duck, and having such extensive knowledge of art and art history, are an example of a member of the animal kingdom having a high degree of education, a Doctoral Duck as it were. But just because of your example are we to extrapolate from that to believing that every random dog and cat is carrying around the Encyclopedia Britannica in his head.

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