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Monday, January 7, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1070 - 1073

1070. All wolves have a very advanced aesthetic sense, but some more than others, especially the pagan Roman wolves and their descendants. This can be easily proved as well as observed. There are millions of ugly dogs and cats, myriad ugly horses and goats, but hardly anyone has ever seen an ugly wolf.

1071. There beauty has been breed into the species over millions of years because of the refinement of their aesthetic awareness. Wolves are acutely conscious of their elegant appearance, this they share with the bigger cats like the lions and panthers.

1072. For many years the rise of monotheism was not noticed by the wolves, but on their nocturnal visits to Italian cities they puzzled over the decline of architectural standards, and wondered at its causes, the Arch Of Constantine is a case in point.

1073. Why, they wondered, were important historical monuments being cobbled together out of fragments torn from the grand monuments of the past which were now falling into ruinous decay.  Where figures had to be created in cases where fragments from the past were not available, the figures sculpted struck their sensitive eyes as painful deformities.

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