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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Duck Theology, parts 1054 - 1057

1054. This was one of those conversations the Duck and Buboni often had in which I wanted to take part, but never had anything to say.  but suddenly I thought of an example of the Odyssey idea so I put in my two cents. I thought of one of those Bruce Willis films, one of my favorites I thought was a perfect example of Odyssey plagiarism, and for once the Duck and Buboni listened without interrupting me.

1055. I said, "In that very first "Die Hard," movie, John McClane is the distant absent husband going to visit his wife in her new home in California. He arrives as the classical 'beggar at the feast'; he is in everyday clothes entering a sumptuous banquet. His wife is actively pursued by others and she is using her maiden name, but in the end he kills all the evil men with that perfect mixture of strength and cunning, and wins the renewed love of his wife.

1056. "But in all of these modern dramas that pick the flesh from the goose that is Homer,  the most important thing is missing, the main character is nowhere to be found," said The Duck with a peculiar conviction. "What character would that be Mr. Duck, said Buboni, "Why God, God himself, who is never given any credit for the door left open, the gun with a single bullet, the necessary tape on a shelf, or any of the other myriad details that allow the hero to succeed.

1057. "It is God who is the beggar at the feast, creating everything, he receives credit for nothing, and like Odysseus, someday he will return, and there will be hell to pay." As the Duck finished speaking we realized he had said too much and for a moment was exhibiting his profound faith in his maker; his shoulders shook with anger and I saw tears in his eyes, but the moment pasted quickly like at a happy drunken dinner where a guest says too much for the mood of the moment.

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