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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1162 - 1165

1162. In that characteristic way of anyone who is a true mechanic, the Boy was more interested in the damaged wheel that in the persons who owned the cart: four rough dirty characters who looked like they had been sleeping in ditches for many months. The Boy held up his hand for them to stop, and immediately started a careful examination of the wheel. The men stood just behind him wondering what he was doing, and Otis lay down and pretended to take a nap with one eye open.

1163. By a series of signs the Boy explained to the men that the wheel was damaged and would need to be repaired. He drew for them a map in the dirt of the road and to indicate his house he took a horse shoe out of his sack and put it as the destination.

1164. In response to these directions one of the men drew from his pocket an old sock of a  money pouch and holding it up, shook it in order to demonstrate that it was empty, and the services being offered could not be paid for.

1165. Now the Boy made a sign to the men which is no longer used and would hardly be understood in this day and age. He put his hands in his armpits and waved his elbows up and down rapidly, indicating the motions of a big bird. This meant, at that time 'free as a bird.' The men understood this gesture and went on their way, planning to stop at the boys house. The Boy followed along behind, and Otis brought up the rear, still on the alert for any trouble.

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