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Friday, January 4, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1058 - 1061

1058. "The story the Odyssey is so fundamental that I think it is embedded in our very DNA. Honest to God, I think if you asked a pack of wolves to write some stories for us, the first story that they would invent would be something like "The Iliad", and the second would, with out a doubt be the Odyssey," said Buboni.

1059. The entire wolf story springs to mind in an instant, the return of the old wolf to the pack, after years of wandering in the Arctic cold and alone, after being separated from his pack. One injured leg drags behind, crippled and useless. He sits at a distance and none of them recognize him. No one respects or fears him because he is a cripple, mangy and old. 

1060. "Actually," said The Duck, "The Odyssey is the favorite story told among wolves. All of that howling at the moon at night is usually one or another chapter of that book, simplified and edited down to wolf language.

1061. Even though their language has serious limitations, consisting as it does of just the vowel ‘O’, nevertheless, over the years ‘O’ has developed so many nuances and meanings that it suffices for all of their needs.

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