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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1062 - 1065

1062. Since wolves have such a complex emotional life their one vowel language has many layers of meaning humans would not be able to detect, let alone understand. The content is conveyed by two things: an infinite number of alternate endings to the ‘O’ sound, and seemingly random staccato like interruptions of the tone.

1063. Wolves do not have a lot of names for themselves. Just as in Italy long ago almost every man was Joe, and every woman some variation of Mary, or Maria, so among the wolves their favorite name is Otis, shortened to Ooooooo, most usually. Otis obviously is just short for Odysseus, their favorite literary character.

1064. Everyone knows that wolves are pagans, and they are among the most dedicated pagans still existing in the world. Their paganism is not some dry academic exercise extracted from historical research, on the contrary it is a living breathing theological system replete with new Gods and Goddesses invented almost every day.

1065. Unlike human paganism, wolf paganism is not mawkish and cowering, wolves often ambush their Gods and attempt to lay them waste. They respect, but do not fear their Gods. Why, you ask, do they not fear their Gods? Just have a look at their teeth when they are moved to anger. They fear nothing, not Gods or men.

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