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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1122 - 1125

1122. It was not long before Otis was discovered by a boy like that, whom, for the sake of simplicity in this story we will call, 'the Boy.' The boy in question did not befriend Otis right away, actually it took almost a month. His first reaction to Otis was fear. As friendly as the new dog was with everyone, there was something about him that the Boy could not trust.

1123. He was not alone in has suspicion and apprehension of the wolf, the village dogs were in a quandary about him. There was something about his movements that were inexplicable. Why, for example, would a big well proportioned dog be so willing to flop down on his back at the sight of any poodle that came into sight. Like an overly friendly stranger in a bar, one suspected some ulterior motive.

1124. The Boy's anxiety about Otis grew steadily until he found himself altering his usual path through town to avoid coming across the dog who gradually assumed for him the features of a frightening evil omen. Fear got the better of him completely. His father was a blacksmith, and his job was to pick up and deliver various small mended items at farms in the vicinity. He was constantly coming and going, a sack over his shoulder full of things like  mended harnesses or repaired pad-locks.

1125. Finally he was unable to do his job, developed a fever and took to his bed. The doctor was called and he could find nothing wrong with the Boy. He suspected that it was his first encounter with 'puppy love' and its attendant fever, and he was very nearly correct in his assumption.

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