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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1094 - 1097

1094. "But those modern artists had this coming to then going back to Mr. Warhol who asked us to see ordinary things in a new way. And how do you see ordinary things in a new way? Simply by taking ordinary things and blowing them up and asking us to look at them in grand halls and pretentious spaces. But ordinary things remain ordinary things regardless."

1095. "Even an ordinary mouse can make us stand to attention if his entrance and exit is announced to us by a trumpet fanfare. But take away the fanfare and the mouse is just a mouse again. So it is with ordinary postage stamps, they are canceled and thrown into the trash, but some old man may keep a few in a shoe box. But what of the random stamp that finds its way into a triple matted gilded frame all alone on the far wall of a gigantic exhibit room."

1096. We may approach that postage stamp in silence, wondering what its significance is, but inwardly we feel it is a confidence game and we are being tricked. How many people have left that kind of an exhibit asking the same question that has no acceptable answer, "Is all that I just looked at  silly nonsense, or am I a stupid person, which it it?

1097. "In short," he concluded,  "in the past museums were built to be the backdrop for great art, now art has become the indifferent backdrop for egotistical architecture." When Buboni finished his rant I turned to the Duck to see what he would have to say about the subject.

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