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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1130 - 1133

1130. That night he falls asleep contented, he has accomplished an impossible task that others do effortlessly every day. Nobody knows about his bravery or could ever share in the triumph, but it is a victory nevertheless.  That is the way the Boy came to face Otis the wolf who was looking at him quizzically, his head to one side, mouth open and tongue hanging down, off in the distance, flicking his tail from side to side from time to time.

1131. The Boy stood still, bent his legs and slapped his knees twice with his hands; the wolf hearing the sound bounded across the field but pulled up short just three feet away. Then he lunged at the Boy with the same motion he would have used to bring down a doe by the neck, rested his forepaws on his shoulders and began licking his face all over.

1132. The Boy took the wolf's head by the ears and held his face down a little and then proceeded to bang his forehead against the wolf's head three times, three hard knocks. After that they were best friends, better even that Marie Antoinette and Angela.
1133. The Boy and Otis now seemed to be inseparable. This was not actually so, because Otis was, after all a wolf and not a dog, and also Otis was not allowed into the Boys house per order of his mother who had no use for dogs, cats hamsters or anything else with fur.

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