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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1134 - 1137

1134. The bond that can exist between a boy and a dog is more extreme than one existing between people. I do not think I have to give any far fetched lectures about it to convince you, if you have personal knowledge of that bond you know I am correct, but if not then you wouldn't be able to imagine it. Just ask Jack London, that is him up above.

1135. I find it interesting to observe that in so many stories the structure of a conflict and the problem that generates the tension arises from the fact that the two characters fate has thrown together exist only in parallel worlds which ultimately can never connect. Two souls become entwined as closely as it is possible, and yet an invisible membrane keeps them in a separate universe.

1136. We are used to this in love stories. A movie begins, we see a happy couple, both beautiful and sensitive.  They have an adorable child who has curly hair, and the camera shows us how delightful she is as she plays with her toys. Then the phone rings, or there is a knock at the door, and you know instinctively that all this harmony is about to go to perdition, it is the husband's partner and he has marvelous hair.

1137. The husband's partner is only in the house for two minutes and he never speaks to the wife who seems to be ignoring him, but you know otherwise. When he leaves he says something in passing to the wife just to be polite and she seems not to notice. So the film-makers have shown their entire hand; it is a story that involves adultery, followed by murder, suicide or both. That is the structure of all those stories going back to the original story staring Helen Of Troy.

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