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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Duck Theology, parts 1050 - 1053

1050. This remark of Aunt Jemima's, said with such innocence and simplicity, with a touch of anger arising from the feeling she was being made fun of, reduced Buboni's insights about the relationship between Coromo and the Odyssey to rubble. Buboni looked from one to another of us scratching his head.  

1051. "Well, when you come right down to it," said Buboni, "I have to admit that the story of the Odyssey shows up so often in contemporary film and literature that it is hard to fathom its persistence. I can think of dozens of examples right off the bat, and I bet The Duck knows of a lot of others.

1052. They say that the Coen Brothers' film "O Brother Where Art Thou" is just the Odyssey complete with that scene where the Sirens, as beautiful washerwomen  serenade Odysseus and his companions to their near destruction.  The main character's name is Ulysses, which is Latin for Odysseus. Then there is the one eyed Bible seller, who is simply Polyphemus. Then again Ulysses' wife is named Penny, short for Penelope.

1053. Then consider all of the films that star an out of work disgraced detective, invariably the former wife is now engaged to some jerk, and as the story evolves, even though every one is against him, ridicules and abuses him, still he saves the day, killing dozens of bad men in the final scene. As a matter of fact, the final massacre in the Odyssey is the most often plagiarized idea in modern American movies, so much so that Homer should really be mentioned in the credits.  

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