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Friday, January 18, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1114 - 1117

1114. That was not the worst of it however. Otis had seen other wolves before him learn dog-like behaviors, and then go out into the villages to spy. Their fate was not enviable. Often they were found out instantly and done away with. Even those who succeeded were in time driven out of the pack on suspicion of actually becoming the dogs they were imitating.

1115. Once Otis' apprenticeship was complete the right time had to be found for him to assume his duties in the nearest village. They would be on the lookout for a wandering band of musicians, gypsies, or a theatre troupe to pass through the town, then on the following morning the new spy would simply show up, as if lost or abandoned by his owners.

1116. This was a simple explanation for a new dog in the village; this trick had been used for years and yet the villagers seldom suspected, at least at first.  Once established in the village Otis assumed the role of everybody's dog. His day was spent roaming from cottage to cottage, business to business greeting everyone, ignoring no one.

1117. It is customary for these community dogs to disappear for many days at a time, and then appear early in the morning as if they were never away. His job, obviously, was to spy out every situation or location where nocturnal wolf raids would prove successful. Always on the look out for a worn out lock or a broken latch, a torn or broken fence. Once this information was given to the pack, it would be acted on a few days later.

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