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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1118 - 1121

1118. Otis' existence was the most precarious possible. He was beset by dangers on all sides.  He ran the risk of being discovered to be a wolf by the town's people and constantly suspected of turning into a dog by his wolf family.  It was not enough to  never 'wolf down' a meal. Very slight things could give him away to his new friends. His training could not cover everything; he was almost found out because he had no idea what 'fetch' was and only figured it out by accident.

1119. Although there are dogs that seem to belong to an entire community, this situation never persists for very long. In every town or village there always resides some thirteen year old boy whose one wish in life is to own a dog, especially a black wolf like dog, and often boys like that have mothers who are utterly against dog acquisition.

1120. Those boys will sometimes discover a stray animal and adopt it as much as their circumstances will allow. They can never actually own the dog, but over time a bond is created in a way even stronger than ownership.  They are fond of day dreaming of situations in which they are waylaid by robbers or murderers on dark lonely roads.

1121. Suddenly out of the darkness of some trees emerges a terrifying black wolf, and woe-be-tied to any murderous kidnappers of young boys who do not flee in terror. This sort of rescue is played out in the imagination of the thirteen year old boy because they are sometimes the runt of a litter themselves, and prone to persecution.

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