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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Otis The Wolf, parts 1098 - 1101

1098. "Well then," said the Duck, " we know about the things you hate, but tell us, is there anything that has been created since 1917 that you like?" After a very long pause Buboni answered, "No.  It is not for nothing that the watershed year for my ideas is 1917, a year best known for the beginning of the 'Great War.'  Imagine for a moment that our society and culture was swept asunder in a great conflagration."

1099. "Picture, two thousand years from now some archaeologists dig up our civilization, dust off the things they find and place them in a museum to the 20th Century. What might we find in those gigantic rooms as big as airplane hangars. In one room a reconstructed McDonald's next to a Burger King. In another room 500 rusted out car chassis with some framed pictures of what they must have looked like."

1100. "In another room a Sherman Tank next to a Gatling Gun across the way from an intercontinental ballistic missile, an atomic submarine and a quarter of a mile of interstate highway. The one thing I am sure you would never find is any modern art because how would anyone distinguish it from the rubble it resembles."

1101. "I want to be fair to the 20th Century. I am not condemning it even if it did give us World Wars, Atomic bombs, and all that. Our time has its Sistine Chapel and it is the 747, or any piece of interstate highway. These are not items to dismiss with any shrug of indifference, I know almost nobody who wouldn't prefer them to anything created in the past. Those things are our great art, and what we chose to refer to as great art is...." Here he was at a loss for the right words.

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