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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bluto, parts 3332 - 3335

 3332. Early on Saturday morning I rode my bicycle over to Gilmore Village and knocked on the door of Bluto’s apartment. I had never actually met Bluto and I only knew about him from Jason. 

 3333. Bluto opened the door and at first he had no idea who I  was or what I wanted. I explained that Jason told me that I was supposed to help him to load his truck with stuff from an attic. Finally he remembered, and told me to go and wait for him in his truck for a minute. 

 3334. I went and waited for him in his panel van and it was almost an hour before he finally came out, so I had a long time to look at the truck. It wasn’t like any vehicle I had ever seen before. In every respect it was the opposite of my father’s car. First it smelled very strongly of the cigars that Bluto smoked. 

3335. They were those skinny cigars with the plastic holder attached. There was an ashtray pulled out and it was packed to overflowing with the butts. The smell and the buts were not the thing that was strange, however.

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