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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bluto, parts 3336 - 3339

 3336. What was most peculiar was that there weren’t any seats in the truck. There was only the drivers seat that looked, from the side, like an L shaped bundle of rags and springs on top of a steel post. For the passenger there was a wooden box; the type used to transport 24 soda bottles.

3337. This wooden box was set up where the passenger seat would have been.  The passenger had to sit on the box. In the back there were a number of packing blankets, some spread out and some folded up, all gray and dirty looking. 

 3338. The inside of the truck was very simple, metal walls with ribs all scraped and rusted. The truck did not have any carpeting or mats like you see in a normal vehicle; just a metal floor all rusted and flaked. 

3339. Just in front of the soda box of a passenger seat, there was a piece of plywood on the floor.  I  picked it up and discovered that it was over a large rusted hole in the floor.  Sitting there on the soda box you could see the pavement underneath the truck.

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