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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bluto, parts 3360 - 3363

 3360. What I was doing, and what I was paid for was to be Bluto’s audience, and listen to him talk. Bluto liked to talk all day long. But talk is really not the right word, lecture is a more accurate description. Bluto didn’t even give a lecture, because sometimes he would get so worked up he would shout and bang the steering wheel with his fist. 

 3361. Have you ever see those news reels of Hitler giving a speech, shouting, throwing his arms around and all in a sweat in front of millions of people. Now picture that same Hitler giving the same speech to one small boy in a little room. And why? Well some people are like that I suppose.

 3362. Bluto did not have a family. He did not have any sort of built in audience. But he had an unquenchable desire to educate someone; to pass on his storehouse of disjointed theories and conjectures that took up space and substituted for facts in his brain. 

3363. If I am going to tell you about working for Bluto, I am going to have to tell you about the things he lectured me about. This is difficult to do because most of the time I had no idea what it was he was raving about.

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