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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bluto, parts 3444 - 3447

 3444. I wish I had copies of my report cards from back then, because even just at a glance you would be able to ascertain the predicament I was in. My grades in math and science were never very good but over the past year, under the guidance of Mrs. Hagner, I had progressed from C, through the D’s to arrive at the F’s.

 3445. Although all my classmates were guilty of not excelling enough in math and science, I was particularly remiss. My report card declared, along with the mound of newspapers from my failed paper route, abandoned behind the barn, that I was bringing the country down.

 3446. It was not that I was failing everything. There were bright spots on my report card and I had been getting consistently, A+ in the subjects of Art and Music, which, for some reason, were listed separately from the other subjects.

3447. If only, I thought to myself, painting pictures and singing songs were the things that would save the country from destruction then I would be in a good position to do my share.

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