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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bluto, parts 3404 - 3407

 3404. When he said that I had the feeling that I was getting a look at the real Bluto, the one behind the character that was inventing arguments about everyday things just to be contrary. The question of what Bluto really thought bothered me a great deal and sometimes kept me awake at night thinking about it. 

 3405. I wondered if Bluto was just playing a role like a character in a movie. Just because someone loses their temper and yells, screams and bangs the steering wheel with their fist does not mean that they are really upset, and doesn’t even prove that they believe what they are saying. 

 3406. Bluto could have just been acting. But when actors act they do it for many reasons; for an audience, for money, or for fame but for Bluto there was nothing. Why would Bluto choose to act like a deranged political fanatic?  No, I thought, Bluto is not acting; under it all is something real.

3407. The next thing I wondered about was the logic of the arguments.  For example, he was insisting that the Coca Cola Company wanted to damage my teeth. But, obviously he realized that they did not want that to happen.  Cigarette makers don’t want people to get cancer, that is not the purpose of the product; it is an unfortunate side effect.

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