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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bluto, parts 3348 - 3351

 3348. It all happened so fast that for a moment I  couldn’t figure out why I was sitting in the back of the truck. Anyway, I got up and started to make my way to the front when Bluto got to the corner of Arnold Avenue and made a right hand turn, not slowing down at all.

 3349. As the truck went around the corner my feet stayed in one place while my body crashed into the right wall and I slid down into the heap of blankets. Bluto had to stop at the corner of Sunset and Arnold Avenue, and while the truck was stopped I  set up the soda box and sat back down. 

 3350. Bluto looked over at me with a look of concern, and asked me where I had been, but before I could  answer he let the clutch out and the truck lurched out into Sunset Ave. 

3351. I really was interesting how fast one can learn to ride in a truck with no seats, sitting on a box.

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