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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bluto, parts 3412 - 3415

 3412. Meanwhile, at school things went from bad to worse. My plan to alienate Jason by expressing contempt for the cars he loved came to nothing, and I think the reason was that he simple didn’t believe me and assumed I was simply playing a part and acting like Bluto; making up arguments for no reason.

 3413. After all, what normal boy doesn’t love cars?  To not love cars was unthinkable, unless of course I was some sort of freak. In a way I had to agree with Jason about that. What kind of future was there in the modern world for a kid who did not want to drive a car?

 3414. When I ran into Jason on the playground the next morning before the bell ring he acted like nothing had happened. I had expected that morning would hold the solution to my biggest problem in the world but as luck would have it, it was the beginning of a series of unrelated catastrophes that began to strike that very morning without warning, the first of which happened even before the first bell rang.

3415. The start of these troubles was a miniature pink telescope Tom Doctorovitch brought to school that morning.  All the boys were over in the part of the parking lot behind the teacher’s cars where the bicycle rack is, and they were fighting over the telescope and trying to get a view through it.

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