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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bluto, parts 3388 - 3391

 3388. Bluto believed in God. I know because I asked him about it the next day in the truck. 

 3389. I said, “Tell me Mr. Sacco, do you believe in God, since you say there is a higher law about the soda machines, if there is a higher law of the soda machines, the source of the higher law would have to be God wouldn’t it.”  At work, and actually all the time I called Bluto Mr. Sacco.

 3390.  At first Bluto reacted as if he had not heard my question.  He just kept driving and looking around as if he wanted to find a parking place. Then he pulled in to a spot, turned the engine off and turned in his seat to face me sitting there on my soda box. I could see in the glare in his eyes, and the long pause before he started to speak, that he felt my question was a direct threat, and an assault on his theories.

3391. And it was a serious threat, because if there is no supreme being, or if you can’t prove there is a supreme being, then how could you formulate all of those theories about higher laws. My brother took it even further telling me that some people thought that if you can’t prove God exists then there isn’t even any reason to look both ways when you cross the street, since nothing matters.

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