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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bluto, parts 3384 - 3387

 3384. I may have been only thirteen, but I knew something about arguments and the use of logic. The reason was because of my brother. You may remember that I mentioned that he was two years older than I, and was so smart that they had to get special tests for him, because the regular ones were too easy for him.  

 3385. Once they tested his reading speed and it was one thousand two hundred words per minute. That was his speed because that was as fast as the machine could go. I didn’t believe it however, and I tested him myself with a Readers Digest, at the kitchen table.

 3386. He would read the Reader’s Digest like another person would look at a picture book, then he would answer any sort of question you might put to him about what he had read. Having read so much his head was full of all sorts of ideas, and just a week before he had read “The History of Philosophy” by Bernard Russell. 

3387. Then, after he would read something like that, he would ridicule me by showing me how stupid I was because of the numerous dumb things he thought I believed.  So, like Jimmy, I decided to trip Bluto up in the same way my brother would do to me. 

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