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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bluto, parts 3428 - 3431

 3428. In order to be kind I have left out the blotched skin and the discolorations, random unexpected patches of hair and her tendency to spit over her dentures when she talked, squinting all the time, and looking off to the side.

 3429. First she put her bony hands on both my shoulders and turned me so that my back was to the hallway wall so that we were face to breasts. I was about eye lever with her caramel colored broach. Then, for several seconds nothing happened and she stood in front of me still holding me in place near the wall with her arms outstretched. 

 3430. Then she took a step forward and I staggered back a step, like the first steps of a tango where the man is completely inept. 

3431. I dropped the mirror, the glass of which shattered into fragments. She then took another step toward me and her shoes began to grind into the glass fragments. Finally she pushed me right up against the wall and my head hit the bricks.

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