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Monday, July 7, 2014

Bluto, parts 3356 - 3359

 3356. There was nobody home. Bluto could have loaded the truck himself, he didn’t need me at all. After the truck was loaded we drove to the dump and dumped all the stuff out except for a dresser and a bicycle. I could have told Bluto that the bicycle was useless, but I didn’t want to stick my nose into his business. 

 3357. This took all day long but I didn’t do even one hour's worth of work, all I did the entire day was sit in the truck looking out the window, or wander around in the junk stores looking at one broken thing after another. Coffee pots without handles, clocks with hands missing, radios with no knobs, rusty spoons, twisted forks, chipped plates, books with no covers.

 3358. I looked at all that stuff, while two men with half their teeth missing sat at a broken desk talking about things I could not understand, even though I could hear every word. 

3359. So the question arises, “Why would Bluto hire me to help him and spend the entire day driving around, and pay me to do something he could have done himself without any trouble.” To explain about working for Bluto by telling you what I  did wouldn’t make any sense at all, because on the days I worked for him I did nearly nothing.

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