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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bluto, parts 3376 - 3379

 3376. The Coca-Cola didn’t eat up the string for some reason, just the teeth. The dark brown color on the teeth was very impressive to a seven year old but we imagined that you could just wash it off, but imagine out surprise when the teeth got smaller and smaller, and then disappeared altogether. 

 3377. So when Bluto said that soda destroyed a person's teeth he was absolutely correct, but he didn’t stop there. Bluto’s ideas about soda had a radical, even a revolutionary aspect to them, and sometimes, from that argument about soda by itself, I could picture his desire to see the overthrow of the government, the onset of anarchy and the coming of the end of the world.

 3378. In the Sunoco station on Eagle Street Bluto stopped to buy gas and while we were there he bought both of us a soda from the machine in the office. While we were drinking these sodas he continued his lecture about the evils of the Coca-Cola, and the Pepsi-Cola companies.

3379. “You see the problem is the economic system in this country,” Bluto was saying in the Sunoco station on Eagle Street, the one where the guy who runs it has no memory because of being injured in the war. The gas-station owner’s name was Sal, and he was outside washing the windows of Bluto’s truck. We were in the office. Sal kept a baseball bat next to his cash register.

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