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Friday, July 18, 2014

Bluto, parts 3396 - 3399

 3396. Seeing that I had no idea what he was driving at, he said, “Imagine that some men are wandering in the desert and they have been lost for many days. They come upon a wrist-watch, and one of them says, ‘look a watch, somebody has been this way before.’ Then one of the other men says, ‘No, perhaps that watch came into being by accident over billions and trillions, or an infinite number of years.’”

 3397. “Then the first man says, ‘Listen you moron, first of all the earth has not been around for an infinite number of years, and also, so what if the watch came about by accident, even if I grant you that, what about the expansion band, and don’t you think it is pretty odd that over this infinite number of years the band says ‘Spidel’ and it is spelled correctly, and the watch says Bulova?  No, there is a watch here, so obviously there were people here.”

 3398. Bluto went on, “Now, see that squirrel over there, just the claw of its back foot, is more complicated than a wristwatch, just its eyeball makes a wristwatch look like child's play, and the squirrel's brain is in another category of complexity compared to tinker toys like a wrist watch.”

3399. Fortunately for me, I had heard the wristwatch argument about God from my brother one time because he was making fun of the fact that I thought God knew everything that we did.  But my brother drew the opposite conclusion and used a dog as an example instead of a squirrel: a dead dog.

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