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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bluto, parts 3380 - 3383

 3380. The baseball bat was just like my chipped tooth in that Bluto started talking about smashing up the soda machine because he happened to notice the bat next to the counter. Nevertheless, I knew Bluto hardly at all, so when he picked up the bat I was not certain what was coming next. But he replaced the bat before Sal came back into the office.

 3381. Bluto’s point was this, in a nut shell. A sensible and intelligent person would be obligated, if he had any feelings of right and wrong, to vandalize and smash up soda machines at every opportunity. 

 3382. The God given right to destroy the machines should be protected by law. The fact that the police protect the machines was a perfect example of how our government and its judicial system was created upside down, protecting criminals, and punishing people who were doing the right thing.

3383. “There is a higher law,” Bluto said, “and one is obliged to obey it if one has any self-respect. Just don’t ever let yourself get caught obeying that higher law.”

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