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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bluto, parts 3408 - 3411

3408. Car makers don’t want people to have accidents. He was putting it that way just to exaggerate the idea all out of proportion. But though it was just a distorted exaggeration, the truth remained with its unmistakable conclusions. 

 3409. Everywhere in New York State the speed limit is fifty miles an hour, and my father’s Pontiac Star Chief could easily go one hundred and twenty miles an hour.  Who ever made that car must read the paper and so must know the consequences of the product.

 3410. It might be an accident but Coke destroyed teeth, cigarettes killed people, these were bad things and it was a simple truth and completely obvious.  Only Bluto noticed it, and only he talked about it. If he had expressed his ideas to anyone other than an ignorant thirteen year old he would have been laughed at, or people would have thought he was crazy. 

3411. Bluto was correct, but the fact that he was passionate about it had nothing to do with the Coca-Cola company and teeth, and everything to do with baseball bats and smashing things up.

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