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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bluto, parts 3420 - 3423

 3420. I expected to get all of the blame, and I had seen Mrs. Hagner and Mrs. Bowlbey watching us from the third floor windows so I knew I was caught anyway. They were going to want to know all about the telescope. I was prepared to take all the blame for the mirror, but about the telescope I was going to deny any knowledge.

 3421. Holding the mirror in my hand I headed for the entrance door, even though there was a few minutes left before the second bell. I was planning to go directly to Mrs. Hagner and show her the mirror, apologize, and offer to replace it. I imagined that she was going to be impressed with my honesty and forthrightness.

 3422. Honesty, forthrightness and stick-to-it-iveness; these were all the things she was always talking about that had made the country great and that we students were entirely lacking in. Holding the mirror in my hand, with my arm sort of stretched out as an offering, I felt that she would see that I was doing my part to stop the terrible corruption of the country that she was so profoundly upset about.

3423. But coming right at me down the hall were the twins, that is to say: Mrs. Hagner, and the Bowlbey right beside her and even from a distance it was easy to see they were in a terrific and implacable rage. This was not mirror breaking anger, this was pornography telescope anger.

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