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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bluto, parts 3468 - 3471

 3468. “My father was a delivery man for parts supply stores and he would always take me with him when he made his rounds. He was never one to go in the front door of a business if he had a delivery to make, but would go by the side door where the work was being done.”

 3469. My father liked to chat with the workmen while they were working, and that was the reason he liked to deliver parts to the workers, and not to some secretary at a desk in a front office.

 3470. Sometimes we would be in transmission repair garage, and he would deliver a box of gears. Then he wanted to have a look at the deconstructed transmission and see how the work was going. In this way I learned how to rebuild a car transmission, just by watching it being done, since I had nothing else to do while I waited.

3471. My father was constantly being fired, because he took so long with his deliveries; always stopping to talk with the workman at their various jobs.


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