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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bluto, parts 3508 - 3511

 3508. The situation of the building was simple enough for me to understand, but what mystified me was the degree of contempt with which Mr. Prune and Bluto spoke of the bank in question, and banks in general.

  3509. They used the work “Bank,” as if it was an obscenity. To Bluto and The Prune, banks were evil institutions, as evil as the Nazis, something like smallpox or tuberculosis. What was so striking about their attitude though, was that to them the evil of the banks was something perfectly obvious and beyond dispute or discussion.

 3510. And yet, never in my life had I heard anyone talk about the banks in that way. It struck me as inexplicable; as if someone was claiming that the Post Office, or the train station contained some evil force out to destroy the world.

3511. We left the scrap metal yard. Bluto was driving and I was on the soda box. Only one thing was clear to me at that moment; Bluto was a bank robber, and I was a bank robber’s assistant.

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