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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Schism, parts 3560 - 3563

 3560. The aristocrats left Moscow and Saint Petersburg as if for a few moments, until the disorders came to an end. They thought the revolution was like a flood, and they needed to seek higher ground till the water subsided.

 3561. Many of them left their important possessions in place in their mansions, knowing full well that when order was restored everything would return to normal. Even after a year had elapsed they still did not consider that anything too drastic was happening.

 3562. Ten years after the revolution and still living in Paris and working as waiters and cooks, those privileged people were always confident the monarchy would be re-established. When they got together in the evening they liked to talk about the French Revolution, its terrible violence, and the inevitable restitution of the rule of a king. 

3563. They saw the restitution of monarchy as inevitable because to them it was the unfolding of a law of nature. They were fond of saying that a beehive can have only one queen bee, and the human hive also must have either a supreme commander, or the supreme disorder of democracy and mob rule.

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