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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bluto, parts 3456 - 3459

3456. That Saturday Bluto did not start in removing the copper pipe right away. We had to have coffee and donuts first. I told him I didn’t drink coffee, but he said it was a part of my job. He parked the truck behind the building and we sat on the steps of the entry of an old warehouse.

 3457. We were directly across from the old train station. There was an engine idling in the distance, and the smell of diesel fumes in the air. The sounds and smells gave me an odd, anxious feeling. I decided to tell Bluto about my problems with Mrs. Hagner, it seemed like a good time. 

 3458. I explained to him how she was going to flunk me unless I got at least 90 on both the math and science exams. I said it was because I disrupted her class, but the truth was that I had never disrupted her class at all. “She hates my guts and I don’t know why.” I said.

3459. Bluto did not say anything at first. He was so struck by what I said that he just sat there on the stoop looking at me. He stopped chewing his donut and sat looking at me with his mouth partly open. Wrinkles appeared on his forehead. 

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