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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bluto, parts 3476 - 3479

 3476. Bluto and I got a lot done that Saturday after we finished our coffee and donuts on the stoop. He showed me how to take copper pipe apart with a blowtorch and a clamp, and I was not delayed or interrupted by lectures about the soda companies.

 3477. It was a big cavernous building and we were down in the cellar. We threw the pipe on the floor and it rang out and echoed in the silence and in the distance we could hear a train pulling out of the station.

 3478. It was a strange morning and all the time Bluto was silent and frowning, thinking about something. We left at 11:30 because Bluto wanted to get to the scrap metal yard before noon. 

3479. Bluto backed the truck out into the street, turned it around and parked it in front of the warehouse. He opened the door, got out and said, “You drive Albert.” 

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