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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bluto, parts 3504 - 3507

 3504. The two of them looking at me in disbelief and what I said did not seem to register with either of them. After a moment they continued talking as if I was not there, and as if anything I said was not worth responding to. 

 3505. The crux of their conversation was the warehouse on Broad Street from which we had removed the copper pipe. At one time it belonged to an old man who ran a printing establishment. For some reason or other he was arrested, tried for something or other, and went to prison.

 3506. In prison he died and since he had no family his building became an orphan. For two years the mortgage and the taxes went unpaid and finally a bank assumed control of the property and prepared to list it for sale. 

3507. The building had not yet been put on the market because the paperwork for the transfer of the property was incomplete. In that situation there was nobody who knew the condition of the building, and nobody bothered to look after it.  

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