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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bluto, parts 3500 - 3503

 3500. According to Mr. Prune, all the troubles of the world could be traced to a group of men he described as leeches, who went around buying up all the raw materials of the world, waiting a few days, and then selling them again.

 3501. Sometimes when these men purchased gold or silver, or paper scrap they made money, and sometimes they lost money, but all the time they were looking to drive the price of their holdings up. They did this mostly by trying to spread rumors, and create fear and panics. If they could get prices to go up, they would unload their holdings and re-invest in something else.

 3502. What angered the Prune, and Bluto was the fact that these investors never had any use for the gold or silver they bought or sold, never even looked at the tons of paper scrap they owned for a number of days. Their only involvement was to make money on the transaction, and this struck the two men as an unforgivable kind of sin.

 3503. I ventured to make a comment in the middle of their discussion, I said, “It seems to me that both of you are engaged in buying and sells copper to make some money, and neither of you are plumbers, and neither of you has any use for broken refrigerators or the aluminum siding from old houses. So aren’t you just like the leeches.”

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