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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Schism, parts 3564 - 3567

 3564. Then they began to migrate to America where they continued to work at humiliating jobs, considering their histories. Take for example General Kutuzov. He was a descendant of the famous General Kutuzov, the one who drove Napoleon out of Russia. He was a personal friend of the Czar, and confidant of the Czarina. A graduate of the Moscow Polytechnic, he took his Masters Degree and a Doctorate in Chemistry. 

3565. As a young man he was a member of the Czars personal guards and was able to ride a horse at full gallop, standing up like a circus performer and firing a rifle accurately at a moving target. And yet, that ability was not considered so unusual, seeing as all of the Czar’s guards were able to do the same thing.

 3566. He was a man of great personal charm, who always seemed to know the perfect thing to say in any conversation. One of his great skills was known only to the Czar himself, and consisted of the adroit ability to manage a dinner conversation. 

3567. This may not sound like such an accomplishment unless you knew the Czar and his tastes. First the Czar loved his army, its uniforms, guns and military equipment, along with parades and the review of the troops. After that came the Ballet in which he took a personal hand in choosing the students for his ballet school, housed near the Winter Palace.

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