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Monday, August 11, 2014

Bluto, parts 3492 - 3495

 3492. In the warehouse was every sort of imaginable wrecked and destroyed old machinery and metal objects in huge piles. Everything was sorted not by its original name, but by the material it happened to have been made out of.

 3493. There was a huge pile of cast iron radiators, another pile of motorcycles with parts missing, refrigerators with their doors torn off, not three or four but hundreds. Then there was a pile of sinks and bathtubs and from a distance many of then looked usable until one got near them and saw that they were all stained and smashed beyond repair. 

 3494. In one section all by itself was a mountain of aluminum siding, torn from the walls of a thousand houses and yet, peaking out of the mass here and there one saw canoes, since some canoes are made of aluminum. 

3495. Copper wiring was in a separate section stored in giant triple walled cardboard boxes, and mixed in with the copper wire were car radiators, and flashing from the roofs of old buildings long ago torn down, from back in the age when copper was used on roofs.

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