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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bluto, parts 3488 - 3491

 3488. Bluto told me to drive the truck up onto the cement slab, and shut off the engine. After that we went into a huge barn like building with hardly any lights or windows. Off to one side of the entrance was a makeshift office consisting of two walls, a door and a window looking into the interior.

 3489. The office had a particular look about it, it had been in use for many years but at no time had anyone ever cleaned it up or organized its contents. There was a huge pile of magazines and papers, cups and saucers, silverware and car parts in a heap and it was possible to see that it was covering some sort of desk, but none of the desk was visible.

 3490. The floor also, which was probably made of cement, was entirely covered with dirt, and the only place it was almost clean was the path between the desk, the door, and the cash register, swept clean by the foot traffic of the proprietor and his customers.

3491. The owner of this establishment had a vast collection of broken and twisted metal items culled from his years of processing junk, and if you asked him the price of any one of his special broken objects he would have said it was not for sale. This collection of his was taking up most of the space in his small office.

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